Ionithermie is a unique aesthetic method
that combines fundamental principles to make this concept


Why use

  • 1. Slimming Care
  • 2. Firming/anti-ageing treatments
  • 3. Sports recovery care
  • 4. Treatment to help with sports
  • 5. Circulatory care
  • 6. Detox treatments

The Cosmetics

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The product formulas are built around natural plant extracts (terrestrial or marine) whose origin is scrupulously controlled, favoring as much as possible ecologically conscious sources. The products are not tested on animals but on a representative sample of the population.


The PIA device

(Professional Ionithermie Assistant)

The electrodes are single-use, ensuring a permanent quality of stimuli diffusion, perfect hygiene and less work for the beauticians. The device itself has been made discreet to become an extension of the professional's hands, while improving its performance and its fine adjustments to best adapt to the client's sensitivities.


Clinical tests were conducted on a panel of women demonstrating:

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of centimeters

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of the fatty panicle

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of the skin

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of the silhouette

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Lighter legs