The Components of Ionithermie

The Ionithermie treatment in an institute is a complete treatment that must be carried out by a treatment professional trained in this technique. Whether it is for slimming, muscular recovery, detox cocooning or anti-ageing face and body treatments, the technique remains the same. Only the composition of the mask will change according to the treatment and the allergies of the clients. For a facial treatment, the thermal mask will not contain any essential oil.

The components of this treatment

icon masque

Thermal mask

With essential oils

  • 1. Electroconductive: it allows the diffusion of stimuli over a very large surface
  • 2. The heat favours microcirculation and facilitates the action of the active products
    while reducing the "tingling" caused by iontophoresis
  • 3. Wraps the body comfortably and makes the method relaxing
  • 4. Cypress essential oil stimulates circulation, facilitates the elimination of toxins
    and relieves heavy legs
  • 5.Pine essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic,
    purifying and diuretic properties
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  • 1. Stimulate the metabolism and remineralise
  • 2. Detoxifying, slimming and draining action
icon ionophorèse


Galvanic current

  • 1. Facilitates the penetration of active products
  • 2. Stimulates the blood and lymphatic system
  • 3. Causes hyperhaemia
  • 4. The effects of iontophoresis persist for several hours after its application
icon stimulation


Faradic current

  • 1. Induced muscle contractions causing a pumping effect
    that activates the blood and lymphatic system
  • 2. Passive gymnastics to strengthen muscle tone
    and reshape the figure.